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All You Need To Know About Healthcare Professional License!

Healthcare practitioners offer medical services to the community in various healthcare industries including dentistry, physical therapy, and nursing. The physicians used to examine, diagnose and treat the patients to get rid of the medical conditions. Those practitioners should obtain a legal license prior to practising in the healthcare department. Availing license procedure differs from one country to another. Do you want to start your healthcare career in Saudi? Go through this article to know more about healthcare license.

Prepare Required Documents

Once you are decided to start your career in abroad you should prepare the required documents to avail the license legally. Some of the main documents are certificates for employment, PRC board certificate, passport pages, transcript of records and passport size picture. It is better to convert these documents into PDF format for uploading. Get a recommendation from your colleagues or relatives who have taken the healthcare license before.

Create Account

Take measures for creating an account in the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities or Mumaris. You must have an email account and phone number for account creation. After creating an account you will receive a notification to activate the account.

Get Eligibility Number

Now, the applicants should look for the option to create eligibility number. You will receive two numbers; one for the exam and another one for data flow verification. If you are accepted by an organization in Saudi you can carry out the further process.

Prometric Test

When you avail the eligibility number you can plan for writing the Prometric test. It is an eligibility test conducted to select qualified healthcare professionals. Visit the official website to know more information regarding the Prometric test. Even if you fail in the first attempt don’t worry you can take the retest. It is recommended to get admitted in a reputed Prometric coaching centre Kerala and crack the exam easily.

Data Flow Verification

At last, you should undergo the data flow verification often known as primary source verification. Data flow verification is one of the vital processes in which the higher authorities will verify your documents for their authenticity.

Thus, these are the essential information you need to know about availing healthcare professional license. With eligibility number, Mumaris account and verified data you can avail the healthcare license. The health practitioners must be aware of the fraudulent healthcare license to stay away from the critical situation. Take Healthcare License And Serve Community Legally!