A Short Guide about HAAD Licensing Exam for Registered Nurses!
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A Short Guide about HAAD Licensing Exam for Registered Nurses!

Nowadays, well-being is showing more interest to start their career in abroad. This is because; the work-friendly environment and job opportunities available there. Nursing is one of the noble professions in the healthcare industry.

The nursing candidates who want to get employed in Emirate of Abu Dhabi should pass the HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi) examination and avail license from the regulating body. They are responsible for shaping the regulatory framework for healthcare, set and verify them in accordance with regulations and standards. Here is the essential information you need to know about HAAD.

Exam Format

The candidates who want to obtain the healthcare license are supposed to attend 150 computer-based questions in the HAAD exam. You have to complete the examination within three hours. The candidates should acquire 90% to qualify for the exam. The result of the examination will be announced soon and come to know whether you are pass or fail.


The qualification required to attend the HAAD exam for registered nurses are

  • Bachelor degree in nursing or equivalent qualification of NLT from an accredited institution or
  • Associate degree nurses with qualified National exam
  • Valid national license
  • Authorized national license
  • Life support certification
  • 2 years of clinical experience

Documents Required

The eligible candidates for HAAD examination can proceed with the dataflow process for document verification. Dataflow is an organization that helps the aspirants to verify the document. After document verification, you can go for further process. The necessary documents are

  • • School documents
  • • Employment Credentials
  • • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) documents
  • • Other documents are passport copy, passport size photo, authorization letter, a security form, and life support certificate.

How to Apply for HAAD Exam?

  • • Visit the link here
  • • Click on ‘E-licensing’ option and select examination
  • • Then click on ‘Exam Scheduling’ option
  • • Give your application number and click on search.
  • • Receive the application number in your email after the verification process
  • • Select the date, time and exam venue based on your convenience
  • • Go through the give information for correctness and click OK button.
  • • The registration fees vary from one profession to another and it can be paid through credit card
  • • Take a printout of the exam ticket

Retest Option

The HAAD examinees can get three attempts to pass the examination. Keep in mind that when you are failed in all three attempts you have to wait 12 months from the last attempt to rewrite the exam.

Thus, these are the information you need to know about HAAD examination for registered nurses. Make use of the information to apply for HAAD and crack the exam successfully.

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